For many visitors, tourists, and residents of Odessa life begins at night. Many nightclubs with a variety show programs are scattered throughout Odessa.
Club "E" has dance parties and shows for various leisure, a bowling alley, as well as shows and concerts with famous singers, theme parties, presentations, beauty contests and other significant events in the life of the city. It's located in the business district with a convenient transport interchange. Club "Captain Morgan" is also located in the city center. It's the perfect place to meet friends for an early breakfast to a late dinner, with live music and themed parties and concerts.

We all know about Odessa girls: cute, hot, sexy, bright smiles and a figure that can only be gotten from living in a city where beaches and see is the most popular mode of rest. See for yourself - Dating in Odessa tends to revolve around drinking and dancing, so for those looking to meet the girls of Ukraine, nightclubs and disco are still the most likely place.

"Ithaca" is the most popular night club for young people in the summer, located in the exclusive area of recreation, Arcadia. It competes with the popular club Ibiza, a modern youth club, where people come to see famous pop music stars.
"Palladium" is located near the railway station. It's the perfect place for business meetings, business lunches and corporate events. For entertainment, as in any club, they have dance, disco, live music, concerts, and theme parties.
"X-Club" is a different erotic themed shows and interior. For entertainment they have striptease and live music. It's ideal for men's parties. Foreigners often come here.
Club "Domino" is the only club built to European standards. It has the best light, sound and video equipment.
"Rasputin" is a male strip club night. For entertainment they have striptease dancing and enjoyment of leisure.
"Evening Odessa" is a relatively inexpensive night club in the city center. For entertainment they have strip shows and disco.
"Wild Z" is Odessa's oldest club for those who like rock and roll, country, and blues. People of different ages and social status combine here for their love of music.
Club "Pretoria" is the only club working in the winter. It has remarkably European cuisine, live music, shows and hard face control.
"Riviera" is the club located in the Greater Fontana. As with any club, there is live music, dance floor, and themed evenings.
Club "Plasma", in a very short time, has gained popularity with not only the inhabitants of the neighborhood (the club is located in the Kiev region), but also people from other areas of Odessa. It has reasonable prices and special music format and the atmosphere attracts people of all ages and social status.