Odessa Ukraine travel guide

"Many people would like to be born in Odessa, but not all of them are lucky" - the words of the legendary Leonid Utesov. Odessa is a delightful city on the southern coast of the Black Sea, with the beautiful architecture, velvety beaches, first class hotels, unique spas, museums, theaters, a rich literary heritage and with a unique flavor and an inexhaustible sense of humor of its inhabitants. This is definitely a city with a rich historical past.
All this, combined with the mild climate makes Odessa a great place for relaxation. Odessa is beautiful at any time of the year. In spring you can smell a dizzying scent of blooming chestnut trees, in the summer you can feel an extravaganza of sun, sea, dancing until sunrise, in autumn and winter you can feel the romance of old Odessa streets, visit cozy restaurants, chamber of literary evenings, various exhibitions, concerts, etc.

That is why the city is so attractive for multiple streams of tourists, visitors and business people. Odessa with joy and hospitality takes all comers. This city has a lot places to show and knows how to entertain its guests. Here you will find the rest for each taste.
If you prefer the music and theater, then you have an opportunity to visit the opera or ballet, and at the same time to see and enjoy the beauty of the architectural style of the Opera House, to visit the Theatre of Musical Comedy, Russian Theatre, Ukrainian theater, concert halls.
If you are interested in museums and exhibitions, then you can open the door to the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Western and Oriental Art, the Art Museum, a unique wax museum. In Odessa there is a house-museum of Roerich, which held the literary and musical evenings, the Pushkin Museum, Paustovsky Museum etc.
Odessa is not only cultural, entertainment, and business center of Ukraine. The city has more than 25 higher educational institutions - academies, universities, institutes, inevitably attracts young people from all regions of the country, including foreign citizens. There are many educational centers where organized numerous core business - trainings and master - classes, that is why many businessmen prefer to visit Odessa. All the year thousands of tourists come here.
Odessa is recognized as the best city in Ukraine for improvement. Therefore, regardless of the purpose of your visit to Odessa, everyone will feel comfortable.



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